Automotive Drill & Tap Set - SAE


  • No nonsense set covers 90%+ of SAE automotive fasteners 1/2" and under, with taps that can be driven by included ratchet that quickly switches from forward to reverse using patented handle selector or by standard 3/4" (19mm) sockets or wrenches
  • Includes custom HSS drill bits indexed with their matching tap size for easy reference and featuring shorter length, 3 flats and reduced shank on sizes above 3/8" for a secure fit and improved access with cordless and right angle drills
  • Taps are machined from a heat treated imported Japanese tool steel alloy chosen for its ability to withstand the types of abuse that High Carbon Steel and TiN coated alloy sets would shatter from
  • Set Includes - Taps: 1/2NC13, 7/16NF20, 7/16NC14, 3/8NF24, 3/8NC16, 5/16NF24, 5/16NC18, 1/4NF28, 1/4NC20 - Drills: Machine screw length, M2 HSS, 3 flats, reduced shank, 135 degree split point, coated for superior chip removal - 2pc Tap Holders, 72 tooth Ratcheting Wrench and Screw Pitch Gauge