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Deluxe Solar Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet and 13.5" Leather Welding Gloves

Item # 8075SE

• Automatically changes filter screen from clear to dark in 1/25,000 Sec. (FASTER RESPONSE TIME)
• Variable shade adjustment - 9-13 DIN
• UV/IR Protection: Up To DIN 16 At All Times
• Great for use with MIG/MAG, TIG & ARC Welding
• Operator can adjust the time the filter returns from dark to clear state
• Full face and front of neck protection
• Observation Window: 98mm x 44mm (LARGER VIEWING AREA)
• Goggle Assembly: 110mm x 90mm
• Automatic Power On / Off, no button to push
• Utilizes high performance solar cells as power supply
• No change of battery is needed
• Specially designed headband for greater comfort
• Meets EN, DIN, ISO & ANSI Z87.1 standards
• Industrial 13.5"" leather welding gloves
• Flannel lining
• Size large

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