2 Quart Pressure Pot with Gun and Hose - Black Handle - 1.2mm Nozzle


• Pressure spray gun with 2 quart (1893cc) pressure pot
• Equipped with pressure gauge and fluid pressure regulator for accurate settings
• Allows operator to mix and paint 2 quarts (1893cc) at a time
• 6 foot twin set of hose permits easy movement and operation of spray gun
• Excellent for spraying large areas such as buses, trucks and vans

1 - Spray Gun
1 - 2 Quart (1893cc) Pressure Cup
6 ft. Length Fluid Hose
6 ft. Length Air Hose
2PG7PT - Cup Assembly
2PG7AG-22 - Hose Assembly

Operation Pressure: 5-20psi
Net Weight: 4.41lbs. (2kg)
Dimensions W x H: 5" x 17"
Avg. Air Consumpt.: 7cfm
Air Inlet Thread NPT: 1/4"
Fluid Inlet Thread NPT: 3/8"
Required Compressor : 3hp
Enamels: 10psi
Lacquers: 5psi