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1″ Heavy Duty Pinless Air Impact Wrench with 2″ Anvil


  • Filter and regulator in one
  • Easy to install for light to medium industrial and automotive applications
  • Remove water, oil and contaminants (down to 5μm) from compressed air, and provide constant air supply
  • Improve performance and useful life of air-tools
  • Easy reusable/replaceable in-line filter
  • Strong Aluminum housing for extensive use
  • Drain valve designed to empty filters without dissembling the unit.

Working Torque Range: 300-1400 ft/lbs
(408-1904 NM)
Max. Torque: 1800ft/lbs (2448NM)
Blow per minute: 750
Free Speed: 5000rpm
Recommended Air Pressure: 90psi (6.35kgs)
Air Inlet: 1/2" NPT
Min. Hose Size: 1/2" I.D.
Overall Length: 16" (407mm)
Weight: 24lbs (10.89kg)

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