Item # 52SLC

500×2 Lumen Folding Double-Sided LED Slim Light W/ Wireless Charging Pad

• Two 500 lumen main lights front and back, use one as a standard inspection lightor both for up to 1000 lumens as a flood light to illuminate areas like deep in engine bays
• Includes USB-C charging cable and adapter for direct quick charging or use with most wireless chargers like the 52SL-WCP magnetic dual charging pad to charge one or two at a time wirelessly
• Massive twin lithium-ion battery 4,400mAh capacity for 3.25+hrs of use from the main light on high
• Adjustable dimming feature, press and hold power button to lower or raise light output
• Features a 180° folding design, 150 lumen top light, base magnet, dual handle magnets, base hook and charge level indicator lights.

Charging voltage/Current: 5V 2A

Battery specification: 3.7V 4400mAh Li-ion

Charging time via type-C: ~4hrs

Charging time via charging pad: ~6.5hrs

Operation time for main light: ~3.25-8hrs

Operation time for top light: ~8hrs

Main lights output: 100-1000 lumen

Brightness for top light: 150 lumen

Color temperature: 5500-6500K


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