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8pc Rapid Rotary Burr Set

• Combined both coarse and fine teeth in one burr providing rapid removal and smooth finishing
• Burrs feature a unique flute design
• Coarse pitch flutes for rapid material removal, while maintaining a smooth surface finish
• Coarse cut is painted in green
• Ideal for use in deburring of material such as copper, bronze, aluminum alloy, etc.
• 30% more efficient than normal double cut rotary burr
• Burrs made of high quality tungsten carbide
• Blow molded case for easy storage and transport

• Set Includes:
SD-1 Ball shape (1/4")
SC-3: Cylindrical radius end (3/8" x 3/4")
SA-3: Cylindrical shape (3/8" x 3/4")
SB-3: Cylindrical end cut (3/8" x 3/4")
SF-3: Tree shape radius end (3/8" x 3/4")
SG-3: Tree shape pointed end 3/8" x 3/4")
SL-3: Taper shape radius end (3/8" x 1-1/16")
SM-2: Cone Shape (1/4" x 3/4")
• Blow molded case for easy storage and transport

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