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Hand Rivet Nut Kit – M5, M6, M8, M10 & M12 Kit

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• Works for rivet nuts in M5 M6 M8 , M10 & M12 sizes in aluminum steel and stainless steel
• Hand screw design for loading and unloading the nuts
• Ergonomic handle design for user’s comfort
• Unique hidden spring design for the automatic return of the handles
• Compact & lightweight
• Overall Length: 13″

Installing A Rivet Nut W/ Astro 1427

  1. Install the threaded pulling pole size and nosepiece corresponding to your intended threaded rivet nut size (see pulling pole changing instructions).
  2. Drill a hole in a test piece to match or be only slightly larger than the OUTSIDE diameter of barrel on your rivet nut hardware. Confirm the rivet nut fits into the hole before installation.
  3. Extend the arms of the 1427 and hold them open while you thread your rivet nut onto the end of the now exposed pulling pole. It may be easier to set the rivet nut if you thread it on only about 90% of the way. This will allow the arms to be positioned closer together making it easier to start.
  4. Place the rivet nut now threaded on the end of the tool into the hole in your test piece. Push the arms of the 1427 together which will crimp the rivet nut down on the backside of the test piece. The amount of force needed will vary based on hardware type and size. Inspect the back of the test piece visually to see if the rivet nut has adequately bulged and flattened based on the force used.
  5. If the rivet nut requires more crimping after a full working stroke, open the arms again and thread the pulling pole (using the plastic knob as the base) further into the rivet nut and set again. There is no disadvantage if using multiple strokes.
  6. Unthread the tool from the set rivet nut using the plastic base knob.
  7. Install a bolt into the test piece’s rivet nut and insure it does not spin.
  8. Use this process as you’ve determined to work best now on your final work piece.

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