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Nitrogen Cart

• Adjustable over pressure settings (OPS)
• Automatic purging programs (N2P)
• Vandal resistant mechanical switches
• Safe, Accurate and Easy to use
• Li battery operation
• Power saving auto power off
• Large backlit LCD display
• Inflate up to 4 tires simultaneously • Ceramic sensor accuracy to: +/- 0.02Bar/0.3Psi/2kPa/0.02KGF
• Unit uses standard Nitrogen bottle or direct Nitrogen air supply from generator or air compressor


Inflation Range: 0.5-10bar (1000kpa/145psi/10kg/cm2)
Accuracy: +/-0.02bar (+/-0.3psi)
Max Inlet Air Supply: 10.5bar (150psi)
Nitrogen flow: 105.944CFM
Supply voltage: 12V battery
Watt: 12W Max
Working Temperature: -10_~60_ (14_~140_)
Relative Humidity: up to 95% RH non-condensing

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