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Ultra Slim Rechargeable LED Inspection Light with Hook Assembly AND High-Energy Adhesive Magnet



   High performance 12SL (v2) now  outputs 400 lumens from 12 XL SMD LED’s while maintaining the same ½” thick nearly indestructible design

·         Version 2 12SL now also includes powerful neodymium magnet with adjustable position bracket – or thread magnet direction into light’s brass threaded location

·         VLight switch now found on the back of light for convenience: half power, full power, hold to shut off

·         The 3.7v 2400mAH Li-Polymer rechargeable battery has a 1000x life cycle, and comes with an integrated PCM to prevent over charging

·         The charger comes with an input for over current protection, input reversal protection, over charge protection, and temperature control protection

·         Discharge Time: 3 hours at full brightness and 6 hours at half brightness


• Charger provides several important safety protections:
- Input Over Current Protection
- Input Reverse Protection
- Charging Overtime Protection
- Charging Temperature Control Protection
• Charge time 3 hours.

• 2 different brightness settings.
Unit has switch which allows for two different brightness settings.
Discharge time:
4 hours at full brightness
8 hours at half brightness

• 12V UL approved adaptor.

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